Our Heart Safe program is back!!! As you will recall David Wahlberg became the Chairman of
the effort and did a lot of work getting it off the ground. We give a big thank you to David for all
the work he put into this program. Kristy Begun and Dick Huberty have volunteered to be cochairs to get this effort going in the Legends.

The HeartSafe program is part of a national effort to save lives by quickly beginning CPR and
automated external defibrillators (AED) use at a time when minutes matter.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a life-threatening emergency that occurs when the heart
unexpectedly stops beating. SCA leads to death within minutes if help is not received and the
chance of survival decrease by 10% every minute with out CPR. Green Valley Fire Chief
Chuck Wunder estimates response times to The Legends to be 41/2 – 51/2 minute range , if
the nearest station is not out on another call. In a pilot project conducted with the University
Arizona, the neighboring Santa Rita Springs Heart Safe team showed a 2- minute response

The Legends HeartSafe responders will be notified by 911 dispatch center only of Sudden
Cardiac Arrest calls within The Legends and only for those residents who have given consent
to being treated by a volunteer.

Before becoming operational, HeartSafe team members will receive training from the GVFD in
compression-only CPR and AED use. The group will purchase two AEDs, positioning one at
the pool and another near a central mail cluster box. Volunteers would begin CPR and AED
use until relieved by professional first responders.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! If you have already volunteered we will contact you. For others that
would like to volunteer please contact Kristy at 2596khb@gmail.com (920-858-4185) or Dick at
rphuberty@gmail.com (520-403-1145). Be ready to help your neighbor in an emergency!!!

Kristy and Dick