The south gate on Abrego and the west gate at the frontage road (Sunrise Pointe) are managed by Alltech (520-747-4441) and open from 5:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The north gate on Abrego is kept closed to discourage truck traffic and unauthorized individuals. This north gate is managed by Stratford Management. Contact our manager, Helen Brown (520-822-8047) to program the remote transmitter which you can get from Alltech.
To Enter Gate Using your Remote Transmitter (or “clicker”)
               1. Homeowners and renters will receive an electronic gate opener from Alltech (520-747-4441).
               2. Firmly push the button on your remote as you approach any of the three gates.
               3. CAUTION: If the gate does not open, you must wait 15-20 seconds for the keypad to reset itself                              before trying again. The gate will not open faster if you click the remote numerous times or if you                          repeatedly enter your keycode. These actions can cause the system to “lockup” and it will need                                time to reset.
               4. If your remote stops working, change the battery

To Enter Gates Using Your Keypad Code (esp. when main gates are closed)
               Residents: Press the # (pound) key on the keypad and enter your 4-digit code. Be sure to fully                                   depress the buttons. You must obtain your keycode from the gate company: Alltech Gate System                           at 520-747-4441.
               Please note that you will be provided with a 4-digit code for two gates: Sunrise Pointe off Frontage                       Road and the main gate south off Abrego.

For the Legends’ Main Gate (south end) after hours:
               1. At the Legends’ main gate (south end), if the gates are closed, the visitor should pull up to the Phone
               Entry Box and push the A-Z button to find the resident’s name. Push the call button OR enter the 3-
               digit number that appears next to the name. The gate system will place a phone call to the resident.
               2. After the resident answers the phone, the visitor can talk to them using the speaker on the gate
               system. After confirming that the visitor is there to see them, the resident must press “9” on their
               3. The gate will then open and the resident’s phone will disconnect.

For Sunrise Pointe Gate:

                You will need to inform your visitor to come slowly towards the gate and the gate will open.

For Sunrise Pointe Gate after hours:
               1. Legends’ residents are not in that directory, so you would either have to give your visitors your 4-
               digit code for them to get in or you would have to go get them at the gate.
               2. Ask your visitor to enter the Legends at the main gate south off Abrego and follow the directions
               above. All Legends residents are listed in the directory at that call box.

               1. If the gates are not operating (as during a power outage), the next available gate is farther south off
               Abrego at Sunrise Pointe Vistas, or the west gate may be available.
               2. Contact an HOA Board member or the Property Manager, Helen Brown 520-822-8047.
               3. Contact the gate company: Alltech Gate System at 520-747-4441.