Use of the Legends’ Website, Facebook,
Stratford Homeowner Portal and E-Blast



The Communication Committee members have been working hard to communicate pertinent
information to our Homeowners by various means of communication (i.e., E-Blasts, Facebook
Group posts and posting on the Bulletin Boards by the mailboxes. The Communication
Committee’s goal was to make the website easy to navigate and try to eliminate redundancy
throughout the website. You must register on the Legends’ Website to receive all the benefits
the website gives you. There are certain areas that are restricted and require you to login.

Following are the instructions on what you need to do to create an account for the

The address to our website is . On the home page click
on “Register”. Then fill out the form and click submit which will create your login. You will
receive an email from Stratford Management that is labeled The Legends’ Homeowners’
Association (Info@ Make sure this email doesn’t go in your Spam
or Junk Mail. You will need to verify your email from this note. Once you verify you will see
another Email from Stratford Management that will say you have been approved. You can
then login to our website. There are only certain areas that are restricted like the Resident
Directory, Board Information, etc.

For those who use Facebook, please join our Residents’ Legends’ Facebook Group.
Just go to this link: Press the button that says + Join and the
request will be sent. You will get a notification that your request has been approved. Go to the
Group (Legends’ Homeowners’ Association) and Select “More”. Under that select “Pin to
Shortcuts”. You will see the Group on the left-hand side under Shortcuts. Now you will be
able to see all the posts, pictures and events that have been posted. We welcome you to
make posts, but please keep it civil.

We encourage all homeowners to create a Stratford Management account for the
Homeowner Portal. This portal has your account details such as your HOA dues, Board
Information, etc. There is a link at the bottom of the Home Page of the website that will take
you to the Stratford Management Homeowner Portal. The address is: If you do not have your Account #, you will need to call
the office at 520-822-8047. Each new homeowner should receive a letter from Stratford


• Committee members will submit information to their committee chair.
• Chair/Board will then submit the information to by Thursday at
4 p.m.
• Communications member will compile the information and submit to Stratford management
and the E-Blast will be sent out by Friday 10 a.m.
• Communications member will post information on Bulletin Boards and Facebook Group
Only Emergency E-Blasts will be sent on an as-needed basis.
If you do not receive the E-Blasts every Friday afternoon, please notify Cliff DeJong at and he will make sure you are added to the E-Blast system.
If you need assistance logging into our Facebook Group or Legends Website, please feel free
to contact one of the Communication Committee Members listed below
If you have any ideas to make Communication in the Legends even better, please let us know.

Your Communication Committee Members:
Dick Huberty, Chair 520-403-1145 
Cliff DeJong 720-340-9194 
Patty Jeney 520-576-8846 
Kay Brouwer 573-552-2313 
Bob Iverson 303-570-5197 
Jim Shomenta 763-286-4825 
Betty Pierce 216-372-1185 
Revised March 2021