March 26, 2019

The Legends HOA board is pleased to announce a settlement with the HOA board of Sunrise Pointe. For some 5 years we have sought an agreement with them whereby they take responsibility for the effects and problems that storm water run-off from their subdivision creates in our subdivision, primarily on what we call the West Bank.


They have agreed to be responsible for any repair required on the large drain pipe, and any work or repair required on the ditch

from the end of the large drain along the bottom of the West bank. They will also be responsible for all the rock drain ways along the back of their property and the ones leading down along all of the West bank.


This agreement will be written up  and recorded and remain in effect in perpetuity.


Kudos to the new current board at Sunrise Pointe for taking this responsibility. If we had been dealing with them 5 years ago, we most likely would not have had the acrimony and expense to get to this point.


Also kudos to our past and present boards for supporting and understanding that this unpleasant action needed to be taken to protect our HOA and

home owners from potentially significant negative consequences now and in the future.


A special thanks to David Keys, Rod Reck and Art Quinn whose efforts were key in achieve this agreement.


Francis Griffith  Chairman of the West Bank Committee    

The Board and homeowners also express appreciation to Francis Griffith for his expertise, time, and work on this resolution.

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