1. Contact house watchperson to advise them of your schedule.

2. Call the following for scheduled inspections:
               Heating and Air Conditioning
               Termite Inspections and (suggest a Treatment Contract)
3. Reset thermostat to 55 degrees in winter; 85 in summer.
4. Turn off main water to house.
5. Turn off washing machine controls.
6. Check drip system and proper setting.
7. Water in a pre-emergence to cut down on weeds.
8. Cover vent for gas fireplace (wood/metal cover or wrap in plastic.)
9. Store outside furniture and lawn ornaments in garage.
10. Store propane tank outside.
11. Lock all windows and close all blinds and curtains.
12. Turn hot water heater to low or vacation mode.
13. Discard perishable refrigerator items and garbage.
14. Turn off water to refrigerator.
15. Cancel newspapers.
16. Leave all ceiling fans on low setting to help reduce heating costs.
17. Cancel all newspapers.
18. Unplug any electrical appliances you won’t be using, i.e., toaster, computers, radio
lights and entertainment center.
19. **Important in winter to wrap outside faucets. We do have freezing temperatures.
20. Charge car battery or have other plans.
21. Prepare for pack rats if you leave a car. Some people use a work-light to
discourage them.
22. Notify Post Office of change of address.
23. Cover inside furniture, if desired.
24. Discuss with house watcher what they recommend regarding drains.
25. Put wine in a dark, cool place.
26. If leaving refrigerator on, store computer cartridges and any items affected by heat.
27. Unplug Garage Door
28. Contact Sheriffs Auxiliary to advise of your absence.
29. Check drainage holes in Common wall and other outside areas to make sure there
are no blockages for water flow.
30. Clean Grill.
31. Turn off gas to grill and fireplace.
Call the following companies for Vacation Mode rates:
               Cable or Satellite Dish Company
               Garbage Collection
               Car Insurance
               Sewer Company