Pool Facility General Rules
No lifeguard on duty – Use at your own risk
No smoking
Pool Hours:
Summer: 6:00 A.M. – Midnight
Winter: 8:00 A.M – Midnight

1. Diving into the pool or spa is forbidden
2. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
3. You must shower before using the pool or spa.
4. Running or rough play is not allowed.
5. Glass containers or pets are not allowed.
6. Stay away from the pool or spa drains.
7. If you have had a gastrointestinal illness in the last two weeks – Do not use the pool or spa
8. Clean and straighten up chairs, tables, and the general area before you leave.
9. This facility is for the private use of the Legends homeowners. The Legends HOA and/or management can deny the use of the facility to anyone at any time.

There are no telephones in the pool facility; In case of an emergency use a cell phone.

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Specific Pool Rules

Insurance requirements and safety considerations lead to the establishment of official pool rules…

1. Children age 7 or under can’t be in the pool alone – They must have a responsible adult in the pool with them.
2. Do not use the pool when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
3. Swimmers with medical conditions should swim with a buddy.
4. Do not leave any floating chairs, toys, or devices in the Legends pool facility.
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Specific Spa Rules

1. Children age 7 or under are not allowed in the spa.
2. Must be 40 inches or more to the top of shoulder to enter the spa. Measure at the wall (using the arrow).
3. Children aged 8 to 13 can’t be in the spa by themselves, a responsible adult must be in the spa with them.
4. If you have long hair stay away from drains.
5. The recommended maximum time to stay in the spa:

8 to 13 years        5 minutes
14 to 17 years      10 minutes
Adults                  15 minutes

6. If you feel faint or dizzy immediately get out of the spa.
7. Do not use the spa when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
8. If you have a medical condition, discuss the use of the spa with your doctor.
9. When finished using the spa, turn off the jets and replace the cover.

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Guidelines for Private Use of the Pool Area

The Pool Committee, in an attempt to establish guidelines for pool use, wishes to emphasize the concept of being ‘neighborhood friendly’ as the pool is owned and cared for by the property owners of The Legends. We want to preserve the quality of the pool facility while ensuring that all property owners, renters and tenants of The Legends have access to the pool.

Property owners and tenants in The Legends HOA are allowed to use The Legends community pool facility during any “private” or “Legends Community” party.
When a property owner of The Legends wishes to host a party at the pool, the pool committee recommends the following:
1. To minimize the possibility of scheduling conflicts, please visit the Legends HOA Website (http://www.legendshoa.org), and check the “Events” calendar for other pool events that may be scheduled. Contact the pool chairperson to schedule.
2. Place a sign on the door of the pool indicating a party is in progress.
3. For safety reasons, limit the size of the party to 40 people (maximum). The size of the pool parking lot is limited. Please ask your guests to carpool in order to keep the number of cars to a minimum.
4. If there are children 14 and under using the swimming pool and/or spa, the requesting property owner must assign an adult the responsibility to monitor the pool/spa areas.
5. Private pool parties should be for ‘occasional’ special events (birthdays, anniversaries) and not a regularly scheduled event, such as the monthly Legends Community Potluck.
6. Residents who host a pool party assume the responsibility for cleaning up the pool area when the party is finished. Cleaning includes washing tables, stacking chairs, cleaning the bathroom area and removing the trash from the pool area. If it is necessary to use the pool garbage cans, make sure the garbage cans are pulled out to the street for collection on the morning of trash pickup and returned to the pool after collection occurs.
We are proud of the pool facility and encourage all residents of The Legends to use it. It is a great asset to the neighborhood. Have fun and enjoy it!

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