The Legends Documents

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Above are the links to the Legends Governing Documents, including:

These documents may be searched using keywords… Ctrl+F (PC) or Cmd+F (Mac) launches the Find dialog box – simply enter the word you want to find and click “Find Next”.

If you have trouble opening these documents

  • Check to see if you have Adobe Reader (version 7.0 or later for PC); (version 5.0 or later for a Mac).
    1. Open Adobe Reader;
    2. Go to Help;
    3. Look for “About Adobe Reader x.x.” The x.x is the version of reader on your system.
    4. If it is not at 7.0 or later, you need to update the reader, which you can do free by going to and clicking on “Download Adobe Reader.”
  • If your Reader is 7.0 or later, try opening the reader on your system. (It will open to a blank page). Once it’s open, try clicking on the documents again.
  • Sometimes a “pop-up blocker” will prevent the reader from opening in your Browser – try disabling the pop-up blocker.
  • If you are still unable to access the documents, send a note to and a volunteer will contact you to find a way to get you the information you need.







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