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The View Standards Committee is responsible for objectively evaluating, negotiating and enforcing the view standards as established by the View Standard ad Hoc Committee and adopted by majority vote of the homeowners in The Legends at Santa Rita Springs.

Year-Round Members:    
Rich Reed, Chair 406-471-8386
Rich McBride 406-250-9729
Stan Znamierowski    520-625-4987

Always looking for new volunteers!


Three documents govern the duties of the View Standards Committee. You may view these by clicking the Titles below.
-View the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for The Legends at Santa Rita Springs (aka: The CC&Rs)
-View the View Standards Manual adopted by The Legends Board of Directors on March 26th, 2014.
-View Appendix A describing the procedures used by the View Standards Committee for investigation, evaluation and record keeping.
Reporting View Obstructions
While you are encouraged to talk to your neighbors in person to minimize view obstructions this is not always fruitful. If you cannot converse with your neighbor directly or the conversation is not fruitful in solving the view issue, you may submit a formal report of the problem to the View Standards Committee.  There are two forms available to you. One is a Microsoft® Word Form which requires that you have a computer and Microsoft® Word installed on it to fill it out. The other is a Portable Document Format (PDF) file that you may download here or ask a VSC Member for a hard copy to fill out by hand.

Brief History of View Standards Committee:
Annual Meeting Jan. 2011 –

Pres. R Reck introduced plan to develop View Standards during his remarks to the homeowners.

Spring 2011 – 

Formed an ad hoc committee with Peter Manley as Chairperson.
Worked for 12 + months to lay groundwork for Policy & Procedures.
Attorney was consulted.

Feb. 2, 2012 –

P. Manley reported to the Board following several homeowner workshops.
Due to poor attendance at workshops, the Board requested an “Advisory vote (survey)” from homeowners before the Board voted to approve the proposed Policy & Procedures.
(An Advisory vote/survey was used to determine what the homeowner’s opinion was toward the action, NOT to make it a legal part of our documents. It did not require a specific % of participation. The outcome of the survey was in favor of accepting the proposed Policy & Procedures.

April 5, 2012 –

With the results of the survey, the Board voted to approve the View Standards Policy & Procedures.

Annual Meeting March 2013 –

Homeowners approved seven Ballots on the Bylaws – related to revisions of committees. One was to add the View Standard as a standing committee. March 2013 – 
Four workshops were held for homeowners to ask questions about the proposed CC&R’s that were delivered to their homes. They were poorly attended.
At the end of the March 8th Annual Meeting, Legends HOA Attorney, Carolyn Goldschmidt, came to answer questions from homeowners about the proposed CC&R’s.
Again, poorly attended.

April 5, 2013 –

The Legends homeowners voted to approve the revised CC&R’s by more than the required 67% of eligible votes. Article 14 of the Revised CC&Rs defines the View Standard committee; it’s Policy & Procedures. The Article was added on the recommendation of the Legends attorney – it was included for the same reason the ARC committee Policy & Procedures is a part of the CC&Rs.









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