Pool Committee


Mission Statement:

The Pool Committee’s mission is that the pool and spa are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness and safety.

Committee Members:

David Wahlberg, Chair 218-443-5729 dcwahlberg1@gmail.com
Barbara Bos 616-422-3710 barbara.j.bos@gmail.com
Don Leach 714-227-1187 dm1leach@aol.com
Karin & Bob Heskett  253-888-6484 (K)

520-906-0862 (B)



Martha & Dennis Van Vactor 520-991-5791 (M)

520-665-1004 (D)

marthavanvactor@gmail.com (M)

vandervac@cox.net (D)

Mike Tubs 616-432-8339 mtubbs205@gmail.com
Rich Reed 520-771-9253 rreed3777@gmail.com
Ruthie Willcocks 269-625-1094 rolivbe@aol.com
Warren Sargent 858-442-1042 surfinsarge47@yahoo.com


Legends Pool Cover:

We appreciate all that have volunteered their time to help with covering the pool during the cooler weather.  The Pool Cover Schedule is posted below, as well as on the bulletin boards.  Thank you!  Dave Wahlberg.

Pool Covering Schedule

Pool Sweeper:

Please note:  We do not want anyone taking the pool sweeper in or out of the pool.  If the vacuum is in the pool and in your way, please just drape the hose up on the pool walkway by the edge of the steps on either side, so it doesn’t create a tripping hazard. DO NOT bring the vacuum head out of the water, only the hose.  That causes air to get in the lines on the vacuum and can cause problems with the pool sweeper.  When you are done swimming, please take the hose off the walkway and drop it back in the pool so the vacuum can move around to clean the pool.  Only those who have been trained to operate the vacuum system will put the vacuum in and take it out.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Thanks to Don for his years of service to the Pool Committee in our Legends Community.  Don has monitored the pool operations for many years.

Click here to access pool and spa rules.
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