Finance Committee


Mission Statement:

The Finance Committee shall oversee the security of the financial assets of the Association. The Finance Committee shall assist the Treasurer in the execution of the Treasurer’s responsibilities. Duties will include monthly examination of Operating and Reserve expenditures, recommendation to the Board for approval of all banking and investment plans for Association funds, and preparation of Operating Budgets for the upcoming year based on information provided by the Board of Directors, and other assignments as appropriate to the office of the Treasurer or as assigned by the Board of Directors.

  1. The Finance Committee shall prepare a budget which shall anticipate, to the best of their ability, the expenses for the operation of the Association’s business for the coming fiscal year including the annual contribution to the Reserve Fund.
  2. The proposed budget shall be submitted to the Board for their concurrence and to the members for their information, but does not require membership approval.
  3. The total budget figure, with any surplus monies from the previous fiscal year credited and any deficit expenditures from the previous fiscal year debited, shall determine the annual fees of the membership.
  4. The Finance Committee shall review the compilations, and the Federal and State of Arizona Annual Income Tax Returns.


Committee Members:

Board Treasurer/Chair:    
Chuck Egender 410-688-2279
Tim Begun 920-858-7992
Terry Binney 785-249-8005
Dick Huberty 520-403-1145
David Knudtson 303-859-4210
Art Quinn 612-312-3067
Rod Reck 860-999-3610
Joanie Shneebeli 520-838-0673
Steve Strange 507-944-0385
Linda Watson 269-251-2070


Financial Information:

Click here to see the Current Budget

Click here to see the latest Monthly Finance Report

Click here to see the annual Finance Committee Report


The Finance Committee meets on an “as needed” basis. Meeting times and locations are posted and open to all Legends homeowners.


We are looking for volunteers to serve on the committee. Please contact any of the members if you are interested.


Legends Reimbursement Form(Posted March 2020)

In order to facilitate reimbursement of expenditures for items bought for the benefit of the HOA, print the Legends Reimbursement Form, fill it out through the “Authorization” section, and give the completed form and all associated receipts to the Treasurer.







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