Contracts & Bids Committee


Mission Statement:
– Perform duties as described in Section 6.03G of bylaws.
– Brief description of duties: Work with committees to obtain bids for new projects; obtain bids or estimate costs for repair and replacement of current assets; review contracts for service.


Committee Members:

Todd Horness                      Streets (Seal Coat/Cracks)                             

Francis Griffith                   Republic Services Contract                            

Art Quinn                              Common Area Landscaping Contract      


Volunteers Urgently Needed!

The committee is always looking for volunteers!


Committee Guidelines:

After the Board approves the need to get a bid for something, the bid request can be submitted to ______________.

Committees needing bids for projects, items or estimating for new, repairing or replacing something, either for current or future needs of our development.

When doing a request for a bid/estimate the more information with details that are provided the more competitive pricing we can get.


  • Age – has it been replaced/repaired previously, if so who did the work, etc.
  • Are you requesting it be repaired or replaced ( Is there any history of something being repaired or replaced).
  • Type of item needed/wanted.
  • Material wanted (if something specific is required or requested).
  • Quantity if appropriate: how many – how much.
  • Timeframe: Immediately, days, weeks, months, etc.

The more details supplied with a bid request the better. If there are questions of what information may be needed contact ________________.







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