Communication Committee

Mission Statement:

“The mission of the Communications Committee is to inform all the residents of the Legends community and those outside of the community of all relevant information regarding this HOA. It works with the Board of Directors and all of the committees of the HOA to obtain the necessary information and use the best medias to disseminate that information. The committee looks for opportunities to present the “good story” of our HOA to interested outsiders.”


Communication Committee Members:

Name Phone E-Mail
Dick Huberty, Chair 520-403-1145
Cliff DeJong 720-340-9194
Patty Jeney 520-576-8846
Bob Iversen 303-570-5197
Betty Pierce 216-372-1185
Kay Brouwer 573-552-2313
Jim Shomenta 763-286-4825

Block Captains:

Thanks to these Legends’ residents who have volunteered to be leaders on these respective streets.  Block Captains are responsible to disseminate information to residents on their assigned streets (i.e., Annual packets, Phonebooks, Welcome Packets, etc).  They are called upon for many activities throughout the year and their work is valuable to the Legends’ community.


Street & House Name   Home Phone # Cell Phone 1 Email 1
Anzavita 2277    Johnson, Mary (and Joany Schneebeli) 25 520-398-7679 612-816-4809
Anzavita 2237 Schneebeli, Joany (and Mary Johnson)   520-838-0673 520-838-0673
Amerigo 2273 Jeney, Patty 6 520-576-8846 520-576-8846
PecanVista 2387 Griffith, Phyllis 20   407-701-1924
Pompilo 2347    Jensen, Rita 22 520-207-7185 708-380-7188
Vespucci 2317    Shuman, Nancy 23 520-829-7853   No Email
Massari 2289    O’Leary, Trudy  25   303-963-6582
Espinosa 2185    Reed, Terri  33 520-771-9253 520-771-9253
Alonso 2311 Allen, Kathryn (Coordinator) 26 321-948-0736
Tulum 2245  Macedo, Sula     386-235-1346
Tulum 2301    Hurlbert, Jean     605-216-2458
  Total homes in the Legends 218      














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