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Mission Statement:

The Mission of The COMMON AREA LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE (CALC) is to support the Board of Directors of The Legends (BOD) in the maintenance, beautification, and enhancement of the physical condition and appearance of the Common Areas of the Legends. This includes planting, trimming, removal and replacing vegetation of any kind, weed prevention and removal, other maintenance as shall be necessary to assist BOD or homeowners’ enjoyment of their experience within the Legends.
Please Note: No other Homeowner shall be authorized to instruct any vendor regarding work to be completed.


Committee Members:

Art Quinn, Chair 612-325-3067
Emilie Sikora, Co-Chair / Co-Summertime Chair
Judy Stodieck, Co-Summertime Chair 763-516-1769
Warren Barkley 315-486-4574
Francis Griffith, Liaison for Sunrise Pointe 407-701-1923 / 520-771-8620
Mary Johnson 612-816-4809
Bob Iverson 303-570-5197



Monthly Meetings:

The CALC committee holds monthly meetings the 2nd Monday of the month from October thru April. Time is usually 10:30 a.m. either at the pool or at a Committee Member’s house.


What We Do:

Manage over 18 acres of Common Area in the Legends.  Our first job is to be good neighbors and to help you with your requests for common area improvement.  We want to keep our Neighborhood beautiful and fresh and clean.  For best results, email Art Quinn at or use the CALC Action Form (below).

– Love them? Hate them?
– PLEASE DO NOT PLANT Wild Flowers. Wild Flowers are invasive, and costly for the community to maintain.
– POLICY of CALC: “Remove any and all wild flowers in the Common Area.”


CALC Task List

Each week, CALC submits a task list to Felix Landscape for tasks such as weeding, trimming or removal of plants, etc. If any homeowner has a request to be worked on, please email it to Art Quinn at or use the CALC Action form (below).


CALC Policies & Procedures

To view entire document, contact CALC Chair

Regarding homeowners planting in Common Area – planting is permitted with the following restrictions
a. Homeowner must contact CALC prior to installation
b. Plant must be on approved native plant list
c. Plant must look good
d. Homeowner is responsible for watering plant if necessary
e. Plant becomes property of Legends
f. Homeowner understands that CALC will maintain, trim plant in future

1. A. Homeowner files a CALC complaint form with Property Manager from Legends Website
B. VSC reports results of View Standard complaint procedure and recommendation.
2. A Request shall be presented to CALC members at meetings or via e-mail and approved for action by majority of the committee present.
3. CALC asks permission to visit property and sets up appointment to visit with homeowner to view problem and discuss possible solutions.
(This may be obvious from the complaint.)
4. If removal is directed by VSC, effected neighbors shall be informed prior to removal.
5. Tracking is reported to Property Manager. VSC shall be notified in writing of any action taken and date of completion. BOD shall be informed as needed.

Homeowners are invited to employ contractor to work on their own private property only


CALC Request Form

If there is a common area cactus, shrub or tree that needs trimming or removal, please complete and submit the new CALC Action form.







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